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Blade has NO signed agreement with any artist to copy his works, and has NOT participated in the makings of them.

All paintings are a FRAUD! without his personal signature.

This painting"The Collaboration" will be showing at the
Speerstra Gallery(post graffiti & contemporary art )
Geneve/Bursins Switzerlannd may 7th-june6th,2009


 PARIS.- By commissioning works from the foremost graffiti artists, Alain-Dominique Gallizia has compiled - and continues to compile – the most important painted record of what was, until now, an ephemeral art. Now 300 works have been brought together for an unprecedented project in the history of Art, shown in a world-first exhibition at the Grand Palais.
From the street to the Grand Palais. For the first time ever, this art sauvage is being shown at a Paris cultural institution, in the south-west gallery, undergoing restoration, on the first floor overlooking the nave. This new gallery provides an exceptional 700 square metres of space under the glass-panelled roof of the Grand Palais.
Tags, in which the artist signs their nickname or street name adjoined to their house number (Stayhigh 149, Tracy 168 and many more), first appeared in the 1960s in the US, and were brought to wider public attention on July 21, 1971 when The New York Times ran a seminal story on the tag artist Taki 183.
After the simply-drawn letters of tags came graffiti. This aerosol art sparked a new style of calligraphy, a worldwide cultural challenge, and heated competition between graffiti artists. This new art form was brought to France from New York in 1983 by Bando, who wrote his name on walls around rue du Bac, the birthplace of Parisian graffiti art. From the Stalingrad Métro station to the Louvre, walls old and new around the city were soon covered in art by Skki, Jayone, Spirit, Psyckoze and others.
Each of the 300 works in this exhibition comes from an encounter between the leading T.A.G. (Tag And Graff) artists and Alain-Dominique Gallizia, who has spent the past three years in a constant quest for the last art form of the 20th century. They show how the artists, who were all actively involved in shaping this project, intend leaving an indelible trace of their talent.
All the works follow a unifying and threefold principle: the same format (a horizontal canvas in two parts measuring 60x180cm), the same theme (on the left the artist's signature, and on the right an open interpretation of the theme "Love") and if possible produced in Alain-Dominique Gallizia's studio in Boulogne-Billancourt, which he opened to the artists. The (some would say crazy) objective is to create a comparative record, both artistic and historical, instantaneous and eternal, of this movement.
The Gallizia collection speaks volumes about the energy on the street, where every nationality can express itself from the American pioneers and European stars to the up-and-coming generations in Korea (Reach), Iran (Isba) and Brazil (Nunca). Bubble letters, cloud letters, block letters, chromed signatures, restyled and freestyle cartoon characters… the works at the Grand Palais form a unique and multiple panorama of styles and colors.
Alain-Dominique Gallizia is an architect with a passion for graffiti who grew up between Paris and Provence. He opened his agency in 1984 in Boulogne, specialising in homes for clients who are in many cases also collectors. A chance encounter with a graffiti artist spraying a fence around the site he was working on inspired him to gather traces of this ephemeral street art by inviting artists to leave their mark on history on a two-sided canvas that will never be erased.

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Laura & John celebrate her 50th B.D.


       Laura & John celebrate her 50th B.D.                            Laura & Susan lookin like Diva's at the party!!!!!!


         Laura & John (Sharing a quiet moment)                      Laura & Portia Doing their thing on the dance floor!


Blade & Portia dancing at their childhood friend's 50th B.D>Party!            Laura, Portia & Susan(Laura sister visiting from Tampa for Laura's 50th B,D, Party


Laura. Joey & Susan are a family who party together at Laura's 50th B.D                            .Laura , Portia &Susan                                                        


Portia& Blade                                                                                                       Laura& Blade dancing   


 Laura,Susan,Blade& Portia                                                                                                 Sister to Sister         


Cathy,Gear,Portia & Blade                                                                                          Cathy & Gear (STEVE)


                         Blade,Portia & Rose                                                                          (Mrs & Mr.Blade)outside Gear's & Cathy's house in Brewster

"Blade's candy bars sell on 5th ave next to Versace & Prada!








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Blade & Ale checking out the new Jack Stewart Book set to be release on May 2009 "Graffiti Kings of the 1970's in the Stewart Studio Feb 2

The Writing on the Subway Walls
On Friday night Abrams threw a party at Alphabeta in Brooklyn to celebrate the release of Jack Stewart’s new book,
Graffiti Kings: New York Mass Transit Art of the 1970s. Regina Stewart, Jack’s widow, is pictured here flanked by two Graffiti artists featured in the book, Blade and Ale. 


                             Rub5 & Death                                                              (Death invented the Crazy5)


Ale one with his personalized copy of The graffiti Kings!                                                      Ale, Regina and Blade                         


                       Party people                                                                        Blade one with his brother Craig(Happy times)


Flint 707 is elated that both of his whole cars are in the book                                     Ale, Regina, Blade & Henry Chalfant 


    Blade presents Regina Stewart with her own model train & a kiss!


                     Henry Chalfant & Cope2                                                                    Yaz56 signing his page                    


                                 Lava chilling with Flint707                                                                          Spec macking at the signing                            


                    Nic707 bombing the book                                                                                Tracy168 hanging with Flint707                


                             Charlie Ahearn,Jane Dixon,Ale & Blade                                     Blade with his mentor Gun229(Master Bomber of the 3rd ave El 2s&5s

Top row Portia, Blade, Gun 229, Clyde, Lask & a Fan Bottom row Ree, FDT 56, Lava & Rub 5

 AT THE BOOK SIGNING, the books are $30.00.NO FREE BOOKS FOR ANYONE. All proceeds go to Jack Stewart's widow.

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