Special Announcements:

Blade has NO signed agreement with any artist to copy his works, and has NOT participated in the makings of them.

All paintings are a FRAUD! without his personal signature.

I will feature rare photos from my personal collection encompassing over 10,000 of the most never before seen photos.

Check out the E-mail address below to own your blade collection.  Below are a tease of photos for you to check out,

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The photos range from the early 70's innovators right through the 80's when the trains were cleaned with a new chemical that washes off the paint before the train ever leaves the yard. It was pretty much the death of subway graf.  My collection of photos will be presented to show the history of the genre and preserve the integrity of what took place.  I hope some of you who retired years ago come upon a photo of your piece that you may have never seen.  Let me know what you think in the feedback section.  I'll try to cover as diverse a selection as I can so don't feel slighted if you don't see a photo of a specific artist right away. 

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